Abisko – Nikkaluokta

So an update, we went from about 30 interested in this journey and are now down to 5.

In order my fellow hikers are: Aki, Ingemar, Martin, Stefan

The requirements have been quite simple, make sure to get the equipment including Backpack, Sturdy hiking shoes/boots (and walk them in)

Make sure you are ready to hike for 7 days, so basically do some hikes before to try out the gear.

I believe we are as ready as we can be, and since we will be following Kungsleden trail for most part we are close to help and support.

What i appreciate the most doing this and also setting my goal and following through is that it also wakes thoughts and initiatives in others. I have already set my eyes on more hikes, Norway is one example of great hiking opportunities and i have also Nepal on the map!


Hiking in India, +40C!