Sörmlandsleden – August 2016

One is quite lucky if you have a 1000km long hiking trail close to where you live, Sörmlandsleden is exactly that :).

Sörmlandsleden, with more than 1,000 kilometres of winding paths through the county of Sörmland, is one of the longest long-distance path in Sweden.
The 100 or so sections of the path take walkers through wilderness, areas of cultural tradition and past historical monuments.
Most of the sections are easily accessible by car, bus or train and each section offers a suitable starting point.
For accommodation there are shelters and to pause and rest are picnic areas.

This walk which i walked alone took me about 20km starting from Haninge and passed Paradiset. Aiming to visit Tornberget the highest point in Stockholm(which was a disappointment), i ended the walk by meeting up the family in Västerhaninge.

Overall a nice walk in nature!


Walking under motorways can be interesting when the trail goes past one.

Urban art by the lake Öran

Perfect spot to eat a sandwich!

Sörmlandsleden has great signs!

No need to get the boots wet 🙂

Second rest, at Paradiset. Beautiful area, recommend a  visit! Tornberget FTW! (NOT), the view above shows well the view :). The sign below is more or less what you can find at the highest place in Stockholm.